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Washington DC (and thereabouts).

It looks like I will be finally leaving Ohio in less than a years time (nice one!), and one possible destination is Washington DC. I don't know much about the area, although some people have suggested that living in Baltimore and commuting is an option, and wondered if anyone knew what it's like to live there? What kind of job prospects are there for a Brit there? What is the living standard like? Is it insanely expensive everywhere (and you earn enough to cover that)? Are there any nearly-real pubs there? Is there somewhere to get curry at 1am in the morning? Important questions like that.

I know there will be more interesting jobs there than this dead-end area at least.
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Try checking out the Washington, DC area communities. I myself, have not found a place to get curry at 1 a.m., and the "Irish" pubs around are the closest things we have of reminding of the decent pubs back home, and yet don't hold a light to their Boston counterparts.

Depending upon how many hours a day you wish to commute, I'd look at living in either just inside Virginia or Maryland. I live in Falls Church and commute to Georgetown every day, now whereas I could take public transportation, I choose to drive.

Take a look at the Metro maps, etc. to get a better idea.

CL is always a good resource.
Thanks, I was already looking on craigslist and I know a few people in DC already but I a British perspective is useful because what an American might find normal or acceptable might not mix well with my silly English sensibilities :)

I guess it also depends where I end up working on whether I drive or not simply because of traffic and so on. At least DC has a public transit system unlike where I am now. here it's to the point where the are almost actively discouraging walking let alone taking the bus.
is a much better Brit friendly environment. Yes, realish pubs of Irish or Brit inclination, cider on tap.

It is fairly expensive, and yes salaries are higher, it just depends on what you do. Check out the Washington Post for job classifieds for more relevant help.

It is a much more happening place than many, plenty to see and do. You'll find more of your own there, more soccer, more rugby.

Curry, thai, lebanese, moroccan, yes.
Speaking as a D.C. area native, people will be all over the accent, of course. ;) But what jobs there are depend a lot more on your skillset than your ancestry.

I am under the impression that there are "Irish" and "Scottish" pubs around; I don't know if there are any "British" ones, but since most of the clientele are Yanks I don't know that it much matters. ;)

Yes, it is insanely expensive everywhere; if you can find yourself a white-collar job, you should be all right tho. Coming from Ohio, my guess would be that there'll be some culture shock in terms of how crowded everything is, and how stressed-out everybody seems.

I live in northern VA, myself, and work in the Tysons Corner area, so my commute is pretty short. I know several people who commute 1-2 hours every day, tho, so experiences will vary widely. I couldn't do that myself, the traffic is too crazy ... but there are people who do.

Still ... the cherry blossoms are nice. ^.^

-The Gneech
I've been temping on and off for about 10 years so I've got a good range of basic office skills so I hope that will come in useful. That and a degree and diploma in PR should help ;) It's OK about moving from Ohio though. I'm looking forward to being with Urban people again, previously I lived in Manchester and London and being stuck here has been hellish. I miss the pace and the company of peoples brains who run at a higher speed than they do here.

You should be told a little something about Baltimore, just so you know...

Most big cities in the U.S. are mostly nice with ghetto parts. Baltimore, on the other hand, is mostly ghetto with nice parts. When Baltimore residents saw The Sum of All Fears in cinemas, they cheered very loudly when Baltimore was levelled, if that tells you anything.
Having lived in Manchester in the UK I can relate to how Baltimore residents feel about their city. Actually makes it more appealing to me. Rough edges gives character.
There are rough edges and then there is just plain UGLY. I hear Manchester is quite amazing, but I hear, for example, that much of Birmingham is a dump.
Birmingham is a dump, but has great curry, nice people once you get past that accent (Ozzy Osbourne is from there that should say a lot) and a pretty good music scene.Birmingham is much uglier because it's more modern than Manchester but ugly cities often give people something to be inspired by rather than destroyed by. There are many beautiful cities where the people are just plain dull.

I'll reserve judgement on what baltimore is thought when I get there ;)

Re: Baltimore


12 years ago

Baltimore is scary
Like East End London UK scary? Moss Side Manchester UK? Bronx USA? Beruit Lebanon? Down Town Bagdad scary?

Just want to know HOW scary ;)

Yes to all of the above? Wow who'd have thought Baghdad scary....

No wonder Bush thinks things are going well, he's only a 40 minute drive or so from a similar situation LOL.
Or as scary as Chris's evil monkey?
Ive been to DC quite a few times, its pretty cut throat - just be carefull