youredabeesknees (gonepearshaped) wrote in blimeylife,

me-a brit in america

i was born over here, but ive spent most of my life in England, moved beck here in 2004.
I miss my friends and family so much, just wanted to say hi to all of you who are in my position too.
i know how you feel!!!!
Its so weird to have to expalin what half of the words i say mean to Americans, of course no harm meant, I love learning a new American word or way of life!
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Why did you move back to the US?
To do a masters degree in interior design, funny thing is the university screwed up and when i got here they told me there was no course and i shouldnt have been able to apply!
super frustrating....but i dont regret it, ive made some amazing friends! i miss England every day though, funny becuse i miss America when im over there!!